Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How much would you pay to avoid a traffic jam?


If you would never, EVER, consider spending a ton of money on a spur-of-the-moment purchase just because you didn't want to get stuck in traffic jams during rush hour, then click "next blog" now.

Last friday there was the sudden and awe-inspiring sensation of "not having any more work to do today", before, technically, it had become "tomorrow" already. It was, actually, irritatingly early to go home, in the sense that I dislike city driving and I hate getting stuck in traffic jams. So, getting stuck in a traffic jam in the city lacked a certain celebratory appeal.

In stead, I decided to go in the opposite direction of the traffic jam (and, incidentally, home), and ended up at a large local electronics retailer, finding myself inexorable gravitating towards the corner that was decorated conspicuously in black and white (and some brushed-metal grey), with lots of purple'ish screens.

Having long passed the event horizon without noticing, it had, at this point, become unavoidable (if not impossible) to leave without adding to my slowly growing collection of Apple user appliances. There was a short, but futile, escape plan, where I would try to blast free of the pull by expelling a relatively minor amount of cash on a blueray player instead. However, it was quickly decided that this plan was probably just delusional and a waste of valuable resources I would need to go, proverbially, "in, through and out the other end" of this situation.

So, about an hour later, I found myself in the car, driving home, well after rush hour, with an iPad on the passenger seat.