Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend late-lunches

Ok, so 15:00 in the afternoon really isn't a time to have lunch anymore, but since 21:00 isn't a weird time for dinner here, neither is late lunch a problem.

Now, this weekend I've been hanging around in the Amoreiras shopping mall. Partly because I needed some groceries and stuff, and partly just to make sure I get out of my hotel.

Now in the food court in this place there is a 'Milano pastelaria' where I found, apart from a charming waitress (not in picture), a very nice combimation of Milanese on Swedish bread (in picture). And I swear I spotted a couple of Pannacotta's moving around that I definitely want to try next time.

Since it would seem I will be here in Lisbon for a few more weeks, perhaps I'll make it my regular lunch spot. For the exercise, and the food, of course... ;-)